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4 Facebook Ad Tactics that 95% of Facebook Advertisers Do Wrong or Don't Even Know About

  • The Most Important Point about Boosting a Post
  • The Trick to Making a Winning Ad
  • Retargeting: What is it and Why use it?
  • Facebook's 2nd Most Powerful Feature

PLUS: How to tell Facebook: “Go get me more money”

Continue below and you’ll see how these tactics can dramatically help you with your Facebook Advertising.

You can watch the video below instead of reading if you prefer. The video covers what's presented below.

Imagine that you can:

  • Use Facebook Ads without Wasting Money
  • Know how much your Ads made or lost
  • Use Facebook Ads like a gumball machine, put money in, get money out
  • Know more about making Ads work than almost everyone else!
  • Do all of this without having to learn 85% of what the Facebook Tutorials teach!

Especially designed for local businesses that don't have time to learn all the details but still want to get good results.

If you prefer to watch a video instead of read, the same content on this page is in this video.
PS: The video has more explanation.

Facebook Ads Tactic #1

The One Thing to Know about Boosting Posts and a Better Way to do it

  • Boosting a Post always gives you an Ad Objective of “Engagement”
  • It’s a fast way to get started
  • A fast way to throw away your money. Really fast.

Alternatives to Boosting Posts

  • Ads Manager
  • Power Editor (a more advanced version of the Ads Manager)

TIP: Run 10 Ads. See which ones do best. Run the winners. Discard the losers.

Every Ad Campaign has an objective. Some of the objectives include

  • Post Engagement
  • Clicks to Website
  • Conversions

Here's a complete list:

You'll ALWAYS get "Post Engagement" as your objective if you use the Boost Post button.

After creating an Ad you CANNOT change the objective.

You can change many other things after creating an Ad. This is why sometimes I use the "Boost Post" button and then go into "Ads Manager" and make changes (I just can't change the objective in this case).

Facebook Ads Tactic #2

The Trick to Making a Winning Ad

  • Eye catching image, compelling headline, strong call to action
  • Split testing between Ads is difficult, try wide variations instead
  • Split test between various Audiences
  • Split test between various Objectives

A Winning Strategy:

  • Create a New Ad every day for a week or two, varying images and text
  • Run Ads against your warm audience (web visitors, fans, email list)
  • Determine the best performing Ad and try it on a Lookalike Audience
  • Use Conversion Tracking and tell Facebook to Optimize for Conversions

Because there are so many variables in social media, it's hard to do accurate split testing. Variables include people commenting, liking, sharing, etc. So the proven method is to try a wide variation of Ads.

Most people don't test anything. They just throw up Ads. By doing this you aren't finding out what works and you're throwing money away.

Test various Ads and test various Audiences.

Your Ads will get better results with warm Audiences like Facebook Fans, past website visitors, and lookalike audiences built on good data.

Facebook Ads Tactic #3

Is She Your Customer?

This could be the most common mistake people make when advertising on Facebook.

For local customers in smaller populations you don't need to narrow things down much. But if you're advertising to a larger area you'll want to narrow down who sees your Ads using basic demographics like age, gender, and interests and behaviors.

Getting the Audience thing right is what most of this is about. And it's more effective to use the methods we're getting into below.

Sometimes it's hard to control. But showing your Ads to the right audience is one of the main things you have to do right.

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Facebook Ads Tactic #4

Retargeting: What and Why

Allows You to Show Ads to:

  • People who visited your Website
  • People who viewed your videos or engaged with your page or posts
  • People who are in a list that you upload to Facebook
  • Why use Retargeting?
    • You’ll spend much less and get better results
    • People who already know about you are more likely to engage

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Lookalike Audiences

What are Lookalike Audiences?

  • Facebook creates it based on a list of names, emails, etc that you upload or,
  • Your Facebook Fans or,
  • Custom audience (people who visited your website or viewed a video) or,
  • Conversions (People who you sold to or acquired as a lead).
  • Your Source Audience must be at least 100 people
  • You Get a List of 1 to 10 Million People Who Are Just Like Your Customers!

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Optimize your Ads for Conversions

  • Need at least 30 Conversions (Sales or Leads) per week
  • Set up a Custom Conversion that Communicates with your Ad
  • Use within Lookalike Audiences or Broad Range (Let FB find your customers)
  • The best tools to target specifically while optimizing for conversions are Lookalike Audiences sourced from your best customers. (From FB Docs)
  • Don’t narrow down targeting on a Lookalike Audience except for Location
  • Use the Expanded Targeting Setting to get more Conversions

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